— Anti-Licensing Movement Scores a Victory ~The Wall Street Journal —
— On Dec 1st, six CrossFit Affiliates gave testimony during the MA Bill 185 committee hearing. —
BREAKING: Anti-Licensing Movement Scores a Victory ~The Wall Street Journal
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House preliminary hearing for MA 185


“And I’ll fight anybody that thinks they’re gonna take it down. Anybody.”

– Greg Glassman @crossfitceo
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“Our competitor’s offering provides no trainer training, just a test. It’s not even a test of training knowledge and human movement/performance, but a test of anatomy and physiology. [Their] tests are measure of one’s willingness to accept their sponsor’s view of healthy living.”

-Greg Glassman @crossfitceo

They want oversight. They want to control you, license you, regulate you.

– Greg Glassman, CEO / Founder CrossFit Inc.

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Referring to the National Strength and Conditioning Association and American College of Sports Medicine, two organizations that support fitness regulation.

  • Occupational Licensure
  • Accreditation & Certification

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Economist on Occupational Licensing (video)

“The biggest advocates for licenses in an industry are, usually, the people in the industry, wishing to keep out potential competitors.” ~Milton Friedman

“Every industry or occupation that has enough political power to utilize the state will seek to control entry.” ~George Stigler 

Occupational Licensing: A Framework for Policymakers

Barrier to Entry / Eliminate Competition
“Research shows that by imposing additional requirements on people to enter licensed professions, licenses can reduce total employment in the licensed professions.”

Phony Veil of Public Safety

“Licensing laws also lead to higher prices for goods and services, with research showing effects on prices of between 3 to 16 percent.  Moreover, in a number of other studies, licensing did not increase the quality of goods and services suggesting that consumers are sometimes paying higher prices without getting improved goods or services.”

See what the White House Council of Economic Advisors has to say…

Occupational Licensing Hurts Just About Everyone, Says White House

“Federal agencies recommend against more economic regulation.

A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

The Irrationalities of Occupational Licensure
“The licensing scheme is not rationally related to public health and safety concerns….[I]t is detrimental to the welfare of the consumers and does not protect the health and safety of the public.”14  Instead, the court found, “The provisions simply protect a well-organized industry that seeks to maintain a strict hold on this business.”15  The court’s conclusion could be said of numerous occupations in this report.

Protection from Competition, Not for Consumers
“Occupational practitioners, often through professional associations, use the power of concentrated interests to lobby state legislators for protection from competition though licensing laws.  Such anti-competitive motives are typically masked by appeals to protecting public health and safety, no matter how facially absurd.”

Explore the full Institute for Justice report

Accreditation & Certification

“How does one determine the quality of a certification program? Accreditation of certification programs is one way. During accreditation, a certification program is evaluated to determine if it meets recognized industry standards in such areas as impartiality of program governance and the reliability and validity of assessment.”

“It is imperative to understand here that accrediting organizations do not make judgments on the quality of the content tested.”

The High Road to Accreditation  Nicole Carroll, Director of Certification, CrossFit Inc.


Chasing Excellence: No Credential Can Replace It

“The goals were, and always will be, to improve quality and rigor. We want to impart to the participant the most relevant and thorough training, education and testing that we can. CrossFit credentials need to have as much meaning and value as any credential can have.”

CrossFit Trainer Education and Certification  Nicole Carroll, Director of Certification, CrossFit Inc.


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